The most influential woman in gambling

Nowadays, gambling is popular with both men and women of all ages. However, there is a period in history when gambling was unacceptable for women. However, there are no restrictions that prevent some desperate women from growing rapidly in the gambling industry. This article contains a selection of the names of famous women who have made the casino a success.

Let’s take a look at the most influential women in gambling!

Many articles were about famous male actors – Hollywood artists, historical figures and politicians. However, when it comes to the role of women in gambling, the information seems to be zero. The representation of women in gambling is a topic that no one is trying to cover, and we are here to fix it.

Meet Alice Ivers!

In fact, the woman became famous for her poker addiction. The owner of a bright look, unique charisma and a pro poker virtuoso quickly the world. At first, the young Englishwoman was just an observer. Her husband loves to play a game or two with his teammates.

That, Alice always thought about this event. But soon she tired of just watching and the girl took an active part in the game herself. Gambling was fascinating her so much that she had the nickname of the character – Alice Poker.

The woman soon became we accustomed to the profession of a dealer, became a real ace in the industry and began working for the most prestigious clubs in the United States. The British play poker better than any American and are always ahead.

In fact, a documentary was made about him. At the time of Alice Ivers, there was no internet. Fortunately, we now have access to several online gambling sites in the United States.

The most influential woman in gambling: Kitty Leroy

This woman, born in 1850, died very early when she was only 28 years old. However, she managed to live a vibrant life with adventure, drama, and excitement.

Kitty started playing at the age of 14 and easily beat her elders. A year later, she marries but soon she abandoned a quiet family life in favor of a career. The girl became a professional dealer of the Pharaoh card game and then opened her saloon.

Famous dealer Lottie Deno

Carlotta J. Tompkins, better known as Lottie Deno, has played a special role in the history of women’s gambling development. She received the unofficial crown of the Queen of Poker. The girl’s father was a passionate gambler, so Carlotta learned all the subtleties of gambling from an early age.

He was a faithful companion of his father on his travels to various clubs. And the parent was also able to arouse his daughter’s interest in gambling and business. As such, she has become one of the most famous gambling women in history.

At the age of 24, the woman moved to Texas to live. There he found himself a croupier in an elite casino. He soon managed to attract a wealthy business owner, and together they embarked on an exciting journey around the world, breaking the jackpot several times in various casinos. At one point, Carlotta was able to win a very large amount of money during the poker round. Thanks to that, she deserves her nickname – Lottie Deno, which means “a lot of money”.

The most influential woman in gambling: Annie Duke

This American has been prone to gambling since childhood. Annie looks like a serious woman because she studied. However, a month before graduation, she suddenly left everything and left Los Angeles with her husband. In the heart of the gambling world, Annie began her career as a professional poker player. Today, the woman teaches at the World Series of Poker school and is the author of books on this card game.

In addition, he also has a gold bracelet from the WSOP. Once, during the World Cup, Annie Duke won $ 2 million and in 2010 her total income reached $ 4 million. He is a member of the UltimateBet team of professionals – one of the leaders in the ranking of the best poker rooms and casinos of his time, such as Intertops Casino today, you can find 퍼스트카지노 a review on our website. You can learn more about the most famous woman of gambling from our article.

Lydia Barbara and poke

In fact, this woman brought poker into the world of gambling. Lydia has mastered the skill of this card game at a fairly high level. And having achieved professionalism in her favorite business, the girl decided to turn her hobby into a way to make money.

In 2009, she took up the post of poker manager at Microgaming. And soon she began to lead the department of innovative strategies. In 2016, the woman went into business and opened her own business called Ideas Factory

It is a worldwide competition in which participants submit various ideas. The best of them are run by Microgaming. Thanks to this project, many people realized and contributed to the growth of the gambling industry.

The most influential woman in gambling: Denis Kots

This ambitious Brit is a billionaire trader, creator and CEO of an online casino. Denis Kots earned $ 4.6 billion in May 2018. He is now the richest CEO in the United Kingdom 안전한카지노사이트. It is remarkable that this woman began her great career with an unsurprising position as a cashier in the bookmaker’s office.

At that time, the Internet was not yet sufficiently developed, but Denis was seriously considering the idea of ​​developing sports laws into virtual reality.

In 2000, he bought a domain name and opened his own office. The office is a big word because it’s just a trailer in the parking lot in Stoke-on-Trent. Perseverance, commitment and patience helped Coats create one of the most profitable online gambling sites in the United States and around the world.


Unfortunately, sexism is as widespread in the gambling industry as it is in any other industry. Most online casino games are we aimed at the middle man, 007카지노 with the exception of the pink glitter slot machines, which are designed for women.

At the same time, women are considered very addicted to gambling and need to know when and how to quit. And it’s good to first acquaint with the statistics on the example of artists:

As you can see, there are many women in the gambling industry. Some of them have problems with gambling addiction and many of them have the same tendency as men. There were celebrities among them, there were “bad” women from the Wild West, there were ordinary housewives from big cities and small villages who played slot machines.

The truth is that, deep down, we all love gambling, and we must take the same approach to this problem, regardless of gender, age or nationality.

Of course, some are successful and make money on games, but those who have a unique sense of self-control and know when to stop.

From our review, we can conclude that there are as many successful women as men in gambling. And if the gambling industry was an exclusive area of ​​men’s activity, women have now proved to be the opposite of their successes and achievements.

And this again proves that gambling is available to everyone! Here are many examples of the most popular casino games among women. You can find it all at Intertops Casino.

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